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  Kelley Hendricks (7th & 8th grade) 205-699-4505 ext. 3002 Email

School Counselor

Leeds Middle School Counseling and Guidance Program Mission

To promote student success by removing obstacles for learning and maximize student potential by increasing self-awareness and self-esteem, in order to produce students who are able to function to their fullest potential by making intelligent personal, educational, and social decisions.


5th & 6th Grade


September Guidance

5th graders have had a chance to meet Mrs. Landmon and learn what she does as well as the rules for the counseling office.

5th graders have had a classroom guidance lesson on Kindness. We talked about the fact that we can always say "I'm sorry" but we can't take back hurtful things we say to others. *Be sure and ask your student about our Toothpaste lesson*

6th graders had a classroom guidance lesson on respect. We discussed ways we show respect to our parents, teachers, other adults, and our friends. The students understand that we don't have to LIKE someone to show them RESPECT.

We wrapped September up with a 5th grade classroom guidance lesson on DIVERSITY. The students participated in an activity that showed us how boring things would be if we were all the same. They agreed that our differences make the world around us a better, more interesting place. We ended the lesson by writing a note to a friend letting them know something we appreciate about them.

October Guidance

This is a BIG month in the counseling department! During October we recognize Bully Awareness/Prevention as well as Red Ribbon Week.

During the first part of the month, Mrs. Landmon visited 5th and 6th grade classes to discuss the difference in bullying and conflict. Students were able to share their own ideas about how bullying and conflict differ. After discussing and better understanding the differences, many students explained they believe that conflict is more prevalent at LMS than bullying. We continued our discussion by talking about the role of the bystander. Students were then able to write down strategies of an active bystander on a piece of paper. We then linked each students strategy to form a chain. This chain represents the unified stance LMS students take in regard to bullying. At the end of the lesson, students were provided with "Anti-Bullying" Pledge Cards. The students signed the cards and displayed them on their lockers to serve as a reminder to not only refuse to be a bully, but also to aide those who may be being bullied.

During Red Ribbon Week 5th grade students discussed what it is, who it is intended to help, and why we participate every year. After group discussion, student were divided into groups. These groups created Drug Awareness skits and preformed them for their classmates. Each class had one group win the "Oscar" for Best Skit.

6th grade students participated in an activity called "Fumble Fingers". Students were split into teams of five and had to complete a relay race. The object of the activity was to race to open a Hershey Kiss while wearing gloves that were too big and on the wrong hands. The team with the fastest time won! The main goal of this activity was to illustrate how drugs and alcohol can impair our judgement and ability to perform basic tasks when we add them to our body.