Aurica Tanas

Life Science and Pre-AP Life Science

I am looking forward to an exciting year with the seventh graders! This web page will serve as the first means of communication with students and parents beyond the classroom. Please, take a moment to explore and become familiar with the information that will be updated and available throughout the year.

About Me

I was born and raised in the Moldova Republic, a small country in Eastern Europe, next to Romania. As I was a biology teacher both middle and high school in Moldova, that is what I wanted to do here in U.S. I obtained my master's degree in Secondary Education from U.A.B in May 2009. My husband, and I have a son, Cristian. He is keeping us very busy with little sports, and piano lessons throughout the year.
I am honored to teach here at Leeds Middle School and look forward to my seventh year of teaching.


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Alabama Course of Study: Life Science